Are you looking to keep a fun-loving fluff ball as a pet? Your days of searching for puppys for adoption near me are over! Diamonds & Doggies in Lauderdale by the sea have a wide range of puppies available for adoption. The puppies in our care include teacups, toy puppies, English and French bulldogs.

Why the name Diamonds & Doggies, we also offer fine jewelry and designer ensembles for adopted puppies. Diamonds & Doggies specializes in providing various diamonds, including bracelets, watches, and fashion jewelry for you and your puppy.

Additionally, our team helps accessorize and coordinate jewelry for you and your puppy. Interestingly, 100’s of people each day come to see our adorable puppies. Every puppy in our care is USDA Licensed 4 and 5 and provided with routine vaccinations.


Why Choose Us?

With a mission to provide pets with the best care, we ensure clients have the resources to adopt them. Furthermore, we offer puppys for sale in Florida a chance to find a safe and loving home. Maintaining the highest ethical standards towards animals and humans is our watchword at Diamonds & Doggies.

Launched in 2011 to adorn puppies and provide a haven for them, we succeeded and excelled. Leadership skills and strong work ethics have shaped our team into the most knowledgeable pet care professionals. Therefore, we constantly strive to offer consistent and quality care to pets.

Our Core Values

The following core values inspire everything we do.

Quality of Care

We seek to provide our puppies with the best quality care. What’s more, our team ensures each pup is emotionally and physically stable by providing the following:

  • A conducive environment to live.
  • A balanced diet for normal body functioning.
  • Protection from pain, suffering, injury, and disease.


Diamonds & Doggies meets the needs of each person and animal with an open mind, respect, and kindness. We prioritize animal/human connection and are driven to create positive outcomes with our services.


We don’t discriminate against puppies, regardless of breed, age, or medical condition. All the puppies in our care are treated equally without any preferential treatment.

Finding the Right Home

At Diamonds & Doggies, each pup and home is evaluated to ensure the right match. Our team assesses the new home to confirm that it’s a conducive place and meets the needs of the puppies for sale in Florida.

Commitment to Social Change

Impacting society positively forms the basis of our services. Not only do we strive to improve the lives of our pets, but we also ensure they add value to pet owners too through adequate training.

Contact Us

If you’re looking for the best place to buy puppies near me, Diamonds & Doggies is your source for healthy and lovely puppies. We specialize in all kinds of breeds, including Chihuahuas, Beagles, and, Marshmallows. Puppies are cuddly, warm, and loving, making them a perfect addition to your family. Contact us to adopt a new furry friend today!